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What we do
Client needs, leadership capability, organisational solutions

Practical approaches to improved performance

Sarah Ives Associates has more than 20 years’ experience of providing coaching and mentoring services to senior individuals and teams, helping them to improve their performance.

Working at a group and personal level, we provide a high level of challenge and support to help identify and understand the factors and behaviours that limit performance. We then work in partnership with the teams and individuals to meet the identified challenges and transform performance.

With a highly skilled and fully qualified team, Sarah Ives Associates has extensive experience of working within all types of organisations and workplace environments. Our approach is to blend both the practical and theoretical to develop an understanding of the drivers, choices and relationships that shape our personal and professional lives. Using a variety of methods, including individual and team sessions, triangular review and action learning, we explore the barriers to success and the positive steps that create motivated, fulfilled and thriving individuals and teams.


Our approaches include

• Coaching – 1:1 and team coaching support
• Team development – tailored programmes and workshops
• Consultancy – strategy development and technical support

Strategy, implementation and development

Sarah Ives Associates helps individuals and teams to shape strategic thinking and realise strategic intent. Our extensive experience of organisational and operational development at board level and beyond enables us to facilitate a refined approach to strategy and improved operational flow using proven approaches to leadership development and change management.

We have worked with senior teams across a variety of industries, including health and social care, legal and financial services, manufacturing and retail, to create improvements in strategy and process that transform organisational achievement. Working across the private, public and charitable sectors, we have established a track record of running development programmes that have revolutionised the performances of individuals, teams and organisations. Our methodologies include large-scale leadership programmes, action learning sets, and coaching teams and individuals with personal and organisational development needs.


If you would like to have an informal and confidential discussion relating to any aspect of the coaching and mentoring process, please get in touch.